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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

eBook thing!

Hey remember how I wrote a novel that one time? Well I converted it to eBook format. That's literally all I did. I haven't even looked at the formatting yet. OK, I just looked. It's not great, but it's readable. If there is interest I will work hard on it to make it better.

See I can read that

Anyway, I'm thinking of putting all of my Howie's Book Club posts into chronological order in eBook form, too! Is that something anyone could possibly want? That's what we're finding out here.

So yeah, no pressure. Here's a link to the page where you can download the book, which is called New Deseret, onto your device of choice. It's kind of a fun book set in the not-distant future about what if the United States fell into a civil war again?! IT IS VERY FAR-FETCHED I KNOW. There's a mom and a little boy and a rough kind of character who may or may not help them from crazy Utah up to Oregon, a journey many a liberal Mormon has made. We call them modern day pioneers because they are so brave!!

People get shot in it and I think there's some pretty good banter and there's one part when one of the characters gets verrrrry cold.

If that sounds like a book you'd like to read, again, here's the link.

WARNING: I ASK FOR MONEY. That's kind of the point of this pitch. It's two dollars. If enough people (my definition of enough is actually not very many) decide it's worth paying for, I will definitely start working on doing the same thing with my blog posts, which will be an exponentially more difficult task but it might be fun, I don't know.

Listen. You can download the thing either way. I will never know. Here's even a thing you could do: you could try it for free and if some point you say, "shoot, this is good, this book is worth two dollars, maybe this book is even worth THREE DOLLARS," I am not going to stop you from putting two or three dollars in my PayPal account is what I'm saying right now.