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Monday, March 6, 2017

The Snow Cave

The Snow Cave
-Matt Howard

A handful of boys heard a horrible noise last night as they walked to their camp.

It was creepy enough with the wind and stuff and then "Whoosh," out went the lamp.

It was terribly dark in this national park, and the moon was so big it looked fake,

When they heard the shouts of some poor boy scouts come rolling across the lake.

I feel that tonight, by the campfire light, I should tell you what caused this great stir.

There's some history here in this camp, I fear, that you won't find in the brochure.

About a decade ago, we had early snow. A blanket covered the place.

I remember that troop, what a rowdy group! Their behavior was, well, a disgrace.

These scouts, they were brave, and they built 'em a cave. A secret, secluded retreat.

Now as we're aware, put a candle in there, and that snow cave will lock in the heat.

But when it snows in the fall, it ain't stable at all, and that snow will be liable to melt.

These scout's quiet dreams were interrupted by screams as their particularly cruel fate was dealt.

When they started to yell, there was no way in hell that we could arrive there in time.

The blizzard was fierce, and our sight couldn't pierce through the snow, we were good as blind.

Now some leaders will say that earlier that day, these boys found a secret 'bout me.

And that someone was there, while they gasped for air, but just wouldn't help them break free.

Just a tale that he spins? Ask your nervous grins. Oh how I wish it were so.

But those who doubt and would like to find out, lean close. I think you should know,

That when it is dark in this national park and the moon is so big it looks fake,

You can still hear the shouts of those poor boy scouts come rolling across the lake.