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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hi, it was my birthday.

Hi guys. Did you come here at the beginning of the week hoping to find a new post from your pal Howie about a book (but actually about whatever I'm thinking about with a light dusting of book)? Sorry. I didn't write one. My usual writing time (weekends) was filled with a bunch of very fun family activities that left me deeply exhausted but spiritually recharged. It was my birthday. I think I should get one weekend off a year, right?

The upshot of this is that I don't have a blog for you today. Sorry!

Instead, here is a link to an old blog that I just reread and thought was funny and reasonably timely. It's sort of about my politics and why I'm where I am on the spectrum. Hopefully it challenges your opinion about where I stand, politically. Or not. Anyway, for some reason this week was the biggest week ever as far as clicks go so if those are real people reading this, thank you!

Anyway, here:
In Which I Unveil Both My Potluck and Cereal Metaphors

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Anyway, bye.