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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hey Look What I Did

So it's springtime, which means the tough little migrating birds are out. That means instead of reading for pleasure, I'm reading for work. This probably makes for a dull blog entry, because birds, am I right? They're adorable and colorful and fascinating, but I know you don't care about that.

In case you DO care, I recommend Identify Yourself: The 50 Most Common Birding Identification Challenges.

Also, go get in the woods sometime and sit down and look around and listen for a bit. THEY'RE NOT THAT BAD. And you might see a goshawk. I did the first time I went in the woods just to look for birds. Kinda peaked early, I'm afraid.

You know what? At some point I told someone that Hemingway's A Moveable Feast was my favorite book. But I haven't read it for at least a decade. What do you say we give it a read and see if it holds up? It's pretty short. Recently I reread The Great Gatsby for the first time since high school, and it was so good I almost want to see Baz Luhrmann destroy it. Will Hemingway's love letter to post-war Paris do the same?