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Sunday, March 17, 2013

From the Ashes

In the true spirit of Easter, I have decided to revive an old Facebook club, merge it with my previous blog, and make something that is somehow more delicious even then the sum of its parts. You know, like a Cadbury Egg.

Thus we witness the birth of something new, like would emerge from some kind of pagan fertility festival. Or a blackout during a Super Bowl. I bring to you HOWIE'S BOOK CLUB.

In other words, this new blog will do the same thing as my last one did, just minus the video games.

Because I am some kind of optimist, I present to you two main goals of this blog. Number one: I will pledge to you that it will be updated semi-weekly, which I think means twice a week. These updates will occur on Wednesday and Friday. They might not always be a full post, but they will always relate to the books that I'm (and hopefully you!) will be reading. That brings us to the second, and admittedly much more difficult part of this experiment. Yes, imaginary reader, you are correct in the assumption that I am going to invite you to not only read my writings, but those of the authors I'm reading at the time.

I know. It's bold. While we're being bold, though, I'm also going to invite you, the dear reader, to make your own posts if you so desire. IT IS LIKE THE ENTIRE WORLD IS FRESH AND EXCITING. Like if you were a brand-new baby, born approximately nine months after February 3, 2013. (That is a reference to those Super Bowl Blackout babies I was referencing earlier.)

Or maybe it's just like every other book club, except that since I live far away from the vast majority of those I consider dear friends, it will consist mostly of written words transferred over imaginary Internet tubes. Note: Internet tubes are not, in fact, imaginary. We will not, unfortunately, be discussing these books by a fire over a plate of cookies. At least not yet.

Since this is the kick-off post. I will now tell you what I am currently reading or have recently read. I'll be talking about these books in the coming weeks, and you should, too.

  • The Notorious Benedict Arnold - Steve Sheinkin
  • Native Son - Richard Wright
  • Methland: The Death and Life of an American Small Town - Nick Reding
  • Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln - Doris Kearns Goodwin

I've been reading that last one all winter, and probably will be by next winter as well, so no rush on that one, folks. It is amazing, and very long.

I've read a few quick books that I might talk about briefly as well, but are more for fun than for my improvement as a person, so I'm less likely to expound about them. Just be prepared if at some point I say, Yo I just read another Elvis Cole book and it was super duper fun, and then you're like What gives, Howie? I didn't know we were reading that one? What gives is that WE weren't reading that one, I was. So stay out of my life.

Comments? Suggestions? Recipes?